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    It’s been a little over year now since Tiger Woods suffered a near fatal car accident in Rancho Palos, California. The accident was so severe, that Tiger nearly lost his leg. Many in the golfing world believed Tiger would never be able to play golf competitively again. But, as The Masters begins tomorrow, Tiger Woods has confirmed that he is indeed competing. If he were to win, it would be a remarkable comeback, perhaps an even bigger comeback than when he won the Masters three years ago following his back fusion surgery. During his career, Woods has accumulated 14 top ten finishes in the Masters, including five wins. No other player, with the exception of Jack Nicklaus has had that kind of success at Augusta.  This year’s Masters already has a stacked field of talented, young players. But with Woods in the hunt, that will surely bring a huge amount of attention to the game of golf. What if Tiger were to win? I can’t think of any Tour victory that would possibly eclipse Phil Mickelson’s PGA Championship victory last year at the age of 50, but if Tiger were to pull off a win here, it may very well eclipse that. Either way, Tiger being back at Augusta is exciting, we are so accustomed to seeing that red and black on Sunday charging past the field. While there are quite a few players who are entertaining to watch, there is no one who can draw a crowd like Tiger. And make no mistake, he will be drawing big crowds along with him no matter what place he finishes in.

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