Phil Mickelson and 10 other golfers sue the PGA Tour

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    Today, Phil Mickelson made headlines as he as well as 10 other golfers including Bryson DeChambeau have sued the PGA Tour for allegedly breaking antitrust laws by suspending them for signing with LIV. Spokespeople for LIV, as well as their defenders complain that the PGA Tour has monopolized professional golf, and is unfairly punishing those who decide to leave. In my view, whether it’s legal or not, I believe Mickelson, DeChambeau and any other player who decided to leave for the big money should simply stand by their choice and move on. Mickelson and DeChambeau made deals with LIV worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and we all know LIV is the PGA Tour’s competitor. I also don’t believe anyone can deny that LIV is openly trying to sabotage the PGA Tour, and players who decided to sign with them should to commit to that tour fully. In my view, you can’t expect to have it both ways, you can’t accept a $200 million contract to play for LIV, and still expect to reap the benefits from the tour LIV is openly trying to subvert. It’s not a legal question, it’s a question of principle. You wanted the big money, you chose money over prestige, fine, now embrace it and move on. Many golfers who were loyal to the PGA Tour turned down big contracts from LIV because they wanted to play for prestige. Frankly, I think it takes nerve from Mickelson to want to have it both ways. I believe Mickelson and DeChambeau should enjoy their money and live with their choice. Considering the amount of money they have gotten from LIV, it shouldn’t be that difficult to live with.

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