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    I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling immensely disappointed at Phil Mickelson’s showing at the Wells Fargo Championship last week. He started off with a brilliant -7 64 to lead the tournament. But by the end of Sunday he fell all the way back to 69th place. Only 8 players finished worse than Phil that week. It was tough to watch, but it seems to be almost an almost regular occurrence for Phil at this point, he can put one or two solid rounds together in a tournament, but he constantly follows them up with a couple bad rounds. Phil’s play on the course itself is almost identical to his pattern in tournaments. Phil makes a few birdies here and there but will almost always follow those up with bogeys or worse. It makes for some difficult viewing as a committed Phil fan. Phil has said many times now it’s all about his focus, as he gets older he loses his focus very easily. That’s a very tough thing to overcome I would imagine. I always remain optimistic when it comes to Phil, but at this point, being 50 years old, I’m beginning to believe it may very well be the end for him as far as being competitive on the PGA Tour. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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